Rick Gencarelli was a professional chef living in Virginia and after hearing rumors of Portland’s food cart scene blowing up, he took the chance and moved his family over and opened his own cart, Lardo. Lardo began as a food truck in 2010 and its popularity grew at an exponential rate. Now five years later Lardo has three restaurant locations scattered throughout Portland. Portland is still a mecca for new and creative cuisines, so the competition is fierce. When asked what separates Lardo from every other Portland food chain Rick said this: “I’ll say it’s a real challenge to try and blow people away with a $10 sandwich, and at the end of the day it is just a sandwich. I think we create and add elements that are very chef-driven. Like making our own pickles, our own sauces, using bread from our own bakery, and hand cutting our fries. Everything is driven by quality, and I think that is what really sets us apart. I mean, the expectation is pretty low when you order a sandwich, so our job is to make sure it’s something special, so when people come in they know they’re going to get a sandwich from Lardo.” Read the rest of the article here